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20 February 2006

Oogie Boogie and I! Posted by Picasa

Our day at the river with Oogie Boogie! Posted by Picasa

A Quick Post..

Life has been terribly busy. I have so many great things going on though at the moment and feel very blessed. Oogie Boogie started obedience class tonight- very fun and hilarious. He was given quite the run for his money by a little boy pug/chihuahua cross called Chewy who likes to play as rowdy as he does. My business has really been taking off and every day I get more and more excited about selling Stampin' Up and leading stamping workshops and clubs. I love having a small business. My asthma has unfortunately been quite bad lately but I have a great doctor who has me trying some new medication that should ease the inflammation in my lungs. I am still active with RCIA and have another CWL meeting coming up in a few days- I love St Mary's and find myself praying more now and getting closer to God. I am ridiculously happy to be becoming a Catholic this Easter! In the beginning of April Al and I are going to drive out to Saskatchewan and visit Grandma and Grandpa and my aunts, uncles and cousins. I can't wait to see everybody and meet my cousin Ashley's new little baby boy, Jaymisun. And of course I am still looking forward to starting school in May! Above are some pictures from our walk by the river yesterday afternoon after Mass. It was so nice out, we saw ducks and stellar jays and Oogie had a great time exploring and discovering the river!

16 February 2006

I've Been So Busy!

Today I thought I'd share some famous Catholics with you! Besides, of course, Mel Gibson and Bono.....
Samuel Alito (newly elected to US supreme court)
Nicholas Cage
Jim Caveizel (actor, played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ)
Salvador Dali
Alfred Hitchcock
Anne Rice
William Shakespeare
JRR Tolkien
Oscar Wilde
John F Kennedy
Bob Geldof
Conan O'Brian
Frank Sinatra

My story today is from It seems that plans are already in the works to kill the useless gun registry in this country, and I for one couldn't be happier. Simply put, this program is a waste of taxpayers' money and a joke. This was a program designed to keep better tabs on firearms in this country, in the hopes that murder investigations, etc, may be a little easier to solve. However, the only people who are actually going to register their firearms are law abiding citizens who use their weapons solely for hunting, target practice or home protection. No criminal is about to register their gun- they will use one unregistered or steal a weapon from an innocent person who had registered theirs. I think there are better things the government can be spending our money on- and I support the idea of using the money that would have been wasted on the gun registry to hire more police officers.

Because this is a rushed blog today I am going to share a link with you quickly:
Fallout Boy, All American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights are playing in Tacoma this April!

BUSY as you may be able to tell by my lack of blogging. I have been working a lot with Stampin' Up, getting new customers, posting flyers around town and organizing workshops (3 this weekend!) It is paying off so far though- I have already met and exceeded my quarterly sales minimum, which I'm not required to get until the end of March. And I don't even hold my first workshop until tomorrow!
School only 2 months away and I am getting very excited. I'm hoping to do some volunteer work with a lawyer my father knows and get a little more insight into the profession. Also, I have been hearing promising things about quality of work and opportunities for high pay in conveyancing firms- if anybody has any insight on that for me, do share!
Things are going well at home- haven't killed Josh yet and am still finding him a delight to live with. He is very neat and tidy! Oogie Boogie is (of course) still a puppy psycho, but now he is a puppy psycho who a) has learned to jump up on the couch b) has his first trip to the groomers last week and c) is starting obedience training next week.
Took my car into Honda yesterday, and a small fortune later came out with a new timing belt, cam seal, tires balanced and rotated, oil and filter changed, fluids topped up. Al put in my new sub box (I love the better sound quality) and is putting my new rotors and brake pads on next week. Also we discovered that I need new spark plugs and oil pan gasket and that my CV boots are starting to crack, but that is nothing too major to replace. I don't mind spending some money on Silvie really, she is 10 years old, has 240,000 KMS on her and has carried me on lots of trips to Vancouver, Seattle, etc... so I can't really complain at a little maintenance work.
That's all for now folks!


A Catholic AND a lawyer- am I about to become the most stereotyped, joked about and hated woman in town?

06 February 2006

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family- a new representative and voice for Canada who actually represents the average Canadian! Posted by Picasa

A New Week!

Catholic: Had a good discussion with my father in law last night about the Catholic church of today and the Catholic and Anglican churches he was used to growing up in the 1950's. Of course belief and tradition does not change but I explained to him that there is a lot more education on grace, evangelism, accountability and a personal relationship with Jesus and the Bible nowadays and it seems that the notion of Catholic guilt, etc, is not overbearing anymore.
This was a very good speaking opportunity as it gave me the ability to explain to a very Protestant, evangelical believer what the Catholic church is all about and my reasons for being there and finding God there. Furthermore, it gave him the opportunity to explain to me his concerns about the Catholic church and the feeling he has about people there not having a personal relationship with Jesus (we do.)

Politics: What a better day than today to write a blog segment on politics? Today, Mr. Stephen Harper became the 22nd Prime Minister of this awesome country. It was wonderful to watch him be sworn in. I really liked seeing Mr. Harper's family there with him- his wife, their cute little girl and their son in his bright blue sweater. They, of course, looked so proud. I also liked that he brought his family Bible to be sworn in on (as did, it seems, some of his Cabinet ministers.) Mr. Harper is someone who really represents this country- a hard working, young, family man, a man of faith.
I was also very excited to see our MP Chuck Strahl enter Rideau Hall and then be announced as the new Minister of Agriculture! As he represents us here in Chilliwack, a large farming area, I'm sure he will have some good insight for his ministry.

I am very interested to see the upcoming exhibition by local architect Arthur Erickson and the Raven Travelling exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I have not been to the VAG in a while and am also hoping to catch the Brian Jungen exhibit before it leaves in April. I just read that student membership is only $30 and has a lot of benefits, so I think I'll go that route and then be able to visit often (after school even?) and for the noon hour concert series, hopefully, once I start at VCC.
Has anybody seen the Brian Jungen exhibit? If so, do you have anything to say about it?

Books/Music/Media: *it's easier to combine this section* I was just reading about Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Woman In White." Sadly, currently only showing in New York and London but hopefully it will make it's way to Vancouver. I'm a big ALW fan and have now seen Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and Cats. I've also been to see Showboat. If you haven't seen an ALW musical I highly recommend it!
Last night Josh and I watched The Skeleton Key starring Kate Hudson. I thought it was excellent! Very suspenseful and creepy, even to us horror fans. It really brought to light the practice of Voodoo/Hoodoo/Sataria type beliefs in areas like New Orleans, and I won't spoil it too much for those who haven't yet rented it, but I liked that the movie did not have a happy ending.
Current reading list is still as stands: The Bible and catechism, Canadian History for Dummies and The Billings Method book.

I'm coming up with some ideas at the moment for holding Stampin' Up workshops and classes in my area. I am excited to teach stamping to others! I've also got some advertising to do to drum up some new business and 3 February workshops to plan for.
Tonight I'm tiling in Abbotsford again, in the house that hangs over the cliff on stilts! Luckily the weather is gorgeous and sunny today and not stormy and windy, so it shouldn't be as creepy as last time.

Last night I was blessed with the opportunity to spend some time chatting online with a very special old friend, Travis, who lives in Victoria. We have known each other for 7 years and although we lost touch for a while we never really lost each other's friendship. We had a great chat about life and I was pleased to find out that Travis has a job he enjoys, that his family is doing alright, that he is living in a beautiful area of Victoria and that he has a wife he is crazy about. She sounds quite lovely! Travis, if you're reading this, Al and I would love to get together with you and Dre next time we are on the island. Keep in touch.
This morning I took Oogie Boogie to the vet for his vaccinations, and he acted like a complete jerk. He wriggled around so much, tried to be very dominant, refuses to listen to me and even scratched Dr. Banyard quite badly. Consequently, he will be subjected to some obedience training classes and opportunities with the vet, and I will be taking more steps at home to ensure that he sees both Al and I as figures of authority and does not continue to see the hierarchy as Al>Oogie Boogie>Danielle, Mungo and Mabel (the last two are the cats.)

Dogs to bathe (we went for a walk this afternoon that included lots of lovely flowerbeds and empty lots) and lunch to make... ciao!

05 February 2006


Catholic: At Mass this morning we heard the Gospel of Mark 1:29-39 . In it, Jesus went to the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John. Simon's mother in law was sick with a fever and Jesus took her by the hand, out of bed, and the fever left her. Then all evening people of the area who were ill or afflicted with demons were brought to Jesus to be healed. He called the demons out of people, but the Gospel says he did not let them speak, for the demons knew who he was. The next day, Jesus went for a walk alone in the desert to pray and Simon and his companions came and told him everybody was searching for him. At that point Jesus said that he came to spead the Word to the people of Gallilee, so they should go do it. Then Jesus went throughout Gallilee speading the message and healing people.
I think the most interesting part of this Gospel for me was when it spoke of Jesus casting out the demons but not letting them speak, for they knew who he was. We discussed this after Mass this morning and I agree with what Mrs. Kuester said; the demons knew that Jesus was God, because Satan knew God, and perhaps it was not in Jesus' plan yet to let the people know he was God, so he didn't let the demons speak because he didn't want them to call attention to that fact.
I like how it speaks of Jesus going alone to the desert to pray. It is a good reminder for us that we need to have time alone with God- even Jesus did!- and that it's good to find a quiet place where we can have peace and quiet with the Lord.

Politics: "I am entitled to my entitlement."
The story I read today is from the CBC, regarding David Dingwall's severance package. I don't have much to say about this...well, actually, I have a LOT to say but it would mostly be raving about how ridiculous this is. Dingwall was FIRED because of his abuse of spending, so they gave him a bunch MORE money? Does that makes sense to you? Personally, I think his "entitlement" money should be everything he sucked out of the government with his lavish expense account. Oh well.. another arrogant Liberal out. You were "entitled to you entitlement", Mr Dingwall? You sound like a spoiled child. Well, you got it. You're lucky, you got while the gettin' was good, because I bet Stephen Harper won't put up with that kind of crap. It's federal accountability time, tory-style.

Art: Just a short blurb on art today, and not such much artists thems but actually creating art. Here is a link to a great resource site for watercolour painters. I paint watercolour and have found this to be useful. Nice tips on brush control, technique, etc.

Music: I am giddy about the (still slight) possibility of going to Ruisrock this summer. Seeing HIM live in Finland would be so amazing. That is nearly the musical equivilant of going to the Vatican and meeting the Pope. NEARLY. Apparently 69Eyes are playing this year as well. I would recommend checking out their music.

Books: Being the bookworm that I am, and trying to be well-rounded in my learning, I currently have on the go: reading the Bible from start to finish for my Bible study, reading a book on the Billings Method (natural birth control) for my own education, reading Canadian History for Dummies to brush up on my key people and dates. Before I start school I also want to read Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and start brushing up on my Japanese in my spare time. Of course once classes start I'll mainly be reading textbooks and doing Bible study and won't have quite as much time for other reading until Christmas break.

School/Work: I thought we were going to fall down a cliff yesterday! I'm doing some renovation work with my husband and dad up on Glenn Mountain in Abbotsford, in a house that is built on stilts, hanging over the cliff. Here I am tiling the sunroom and looking out at the tremendous storm we are having (so rainy and windy that Al was having the piece of plywood blow up in his face while he was trying to cut it) and hearing things rattle around outside. I don't think it's a great idea to build a house on the edge of a cliff- I'll take nice solid rock and NOT tempt fate.
Last night I had my first Stampin' Up! downline meeting where I learned some great new techniques and had the opportunity to meet most of the other girls in my line. It was fun. I am really excited and selling Stampin' Up! and hosting some workshops and classes.

Life: I have been pretty sick the last few days- my asthma has really been bothering me. I took a bit of extra ventilin though and have been carrying Halls with me everywhere. Unfortunately because of my asthma when I get these dry hacking coughs and tickles in my throat I can't take any type of cough syrup or medicine as they can mask the signs of an asthma attack and that is a big health risk. Lots of tea and lozenges for me! On Friday night I coughed so hard that I brome blood vessels around my eyes. It's starting to heal now though (and makeup does a good job of hiding it.) I am noticing a huge improvement today.
Al's parents are coming over for coffee tonight so I should go get my butt moving and vaccum my house!

03 February 2006

Oh Ville, I love you. Posted by Picasa

Ville Valo of HIM, Ruisrock 2005. Posted by Picasa

A Moment of Weakness.

The pictures above made me sigh like a teenage girl. There is an (extremely small) possibility that my brother and I might go to Finland this summer to see HIM (and many other great bands) perform live at Ruisrock. We have seen them in Seattle, on October 6 2005, and it was fantastic. But at home in their native Finland? That would be amazing!

The Daily Report..

Catholic: I went to my first CWL meeting last night. It was long, the annual general meeting, but it gave me a really good perspective on exactly what the CWL does.... a lot! I am looking forward to assisting the chairwoman of Resolution/Legislation. We'll be monitoring parliament, looking for legislation that violates the rights of Catholics (though with Mr. Harper as our Prime Minister and in our strong Conservative riding we shouldn't have many worries) , writing petitions and organizing letter writing campaigns, etc, where necessary. I'm excited!

This is the link to the my political story of the day.. I read it in The Province. So we as Canadians want a prime minister with a "common touch." I don't know how you can get any more common than Stephen Harper- he's a regular guy! He's a professional man, with a wife and 2 little kids, who happens to have a job that puts him in the spotlight. I know it has been said in the past that people may not vote for him because he seems impersonal, maybe robotic, but I have always found him to be a very engaging speaker. He doesn't try to win people over with a bunch of shock and bravado. He speaks intelligently, doesn't lower himself to other's levels, and appears to have a calm, even demeanor. I like that in a PM. This article also says, in a nutshell, that Canadians want a PM who doesn't lie, keeps promises, is smart, and doesn't cheat us. Uhhh... isn't that kind of a given? And isn't Stephen Harper the man who is introducing (among many other things, I'm sure) the Federal Accountability Act, which makes the government more responsible for the things they do, and follows a lot of the suggestions outlined in the Gomery Report? In my opinio, by doing that alone, the Conservatives are saying they are going to be an intelligent and ethical government. This article made me smile when I read the last sentence. "Survey respondents also flubbed a pop quiz on past prime ministers." So basically these people are making suggestions and criticisms about a PM when they don't even really remember any of our other PM's in the past. Hmm.

Art: I'm very excited to be taking part in some art in the next little while. I'll be acting as a "model" for my friend, who does special effects makeup (and more) for his company, Dark Works FX. From the sounds of it, he's going to do some makeup, molding and painting on me to make me look like a torn and beat up corpse (think CSI) to showcase his work. Perhaps he'll post the photos on his new website!? Either way, I'm thrilled that he is using me and I can't wait to see how scary I'll look. I've seen some photos of his work before and it is very realistic and well done.

Music: I highly recommend checking out the group Hollywood Undead. They have not yet released an album but their music is available online and on My Space. They're from LA, thy're hilarious and occasionally crude, they're pretty talented. I'd say their musical style is emo/punk/hip hop. Very interesting.

Books: I'm still reading the same books as yesterday. Haven't actually sat and read in a few days as I have been running around all over the place, but I'll site down and discuss my reading more in the near future.

School/Work: Today I make my tuition payment to VCC. I wish it was May so I could already be in school. Tomorrow I'll be working with my Dad on a tiling job, and apparently we have one coming up where we'll be using all kinds of neat Italian tiles and doing some mosaics, so that should be fun.

Life: Is good. Except Oogie Boogie tipped my purse over somehow this morning and ate some of my Stampin Up! postcards and the corners of my new Stormie Omaritian book "The Power of Praying." That didn't impress me too much. I'm off to get ready.. going to the school and to hang out with my brother in downtown Vancouver.